August 30, 2015
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Coal bins with a vintage flairDecorative coal bins are containers that sit near the hearth to store coal for your fireplace or stove.

Since a bucket full of coal sitting out in view isn't all that attractive, the Victorians devised coal bins that hold a substantial amount of fuel at the ready, yet the containers also serve duty as a decorative element to the room.

These vintage style reproductions are made of metal, and each features a hinged lid. An old practical product, they've been reintroduced as a lovely accent for your fireplace just as they were a century ago. These reproduction coal bins can also serve duty as a trash can, clothes hamper or for other storage purposes throughout your home.

Note: due to the style of the feet on these coal bins, we don't feel they're sturdy enough to actually be used for coal storage but they're a great accent piece and serve practical duty to store newspapers, fireplace gloves and more at your fireside.

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Coal Candy Gift Set
Coal Candy Gift Set
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